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The tulip farm is open for only a brief period in Spring, when the colour of the flowers is most intense. Thousands of tourists visit the farm and enjoy the spectacular display.
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Secret Garden
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A highlight of our Tasmanian holiday was the visit to the Van Dieman Quality Bulbs Tulip Farm at Table Cape, near Wynyard on the north coast of Tasmania. The photos on this website can reveal our delight much better than mere words... We succumbed and ordered a box of bulbs to plant out next autumn. It was very difficult to choose among the dozens of varieties on offer!

While touring Tasmania we visited many open gardens and took hundreds of photographs, including many close up photos of tulips, rhododendrons, daffodils as well as a huge variety of Tasmania wild flowers. Spring begins later in Tasmania and we had to wait a couple of weeks for the countryside to begin blooming and gardens to open. We highly recommend a 'garden crawl' around Tasmania for any garden lover.

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view of Table Cape from Wynyard

map showing where to find Wynyard Tasmania Australia
Table Cape, Wynyard
Tasmania, Australia

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