Want to get really close to seals, whales, dolphins, mutton birds, giant kelp, sea eagles and more?

Highlights of our adventure
included a trip to the Totem Pole,
The Candlestick, Waterfall Bay,
Cape Hauy, Fortescue Bay, The Hippolyte Rocks …Tasman Island
and Cape Pillar. If the majesty of
the coastline doesn't amaze you
the close encounters with whales,
 seals, mutton birds, dolphins
and sea eagles will!
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It's easy to spend a fortune in Tasmania as there are so many wonderful tours, galleries and museums to visit, not to mention dining in the many excellent cafes, restaurants and fish and chip shops! We promised ourselves a tour of the rugged coastline and after closely examining the different packages finally chose Sealife Experiences. It was a sunny, but cool day, when we rocked up at the dock in Pirates Bay adjacent to the famous Eaglehawk Neck on the Tasman Peninsula. If you're headed to Port Arthur for a couple of days you'd be nuts to miss out on this absolutely unforgettable cruise! 

Tour Operator Craig Parsey grew up on a variety of lighthouse stations around Tasmania’s diverse coastline. He and crew mate Nick know just about everything there is to know about the geology, sealife and wildlife on this stretch of coastline. Don't be shy - ask questions and enhance your Sealife Adventure even further!

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Our 2006 Tasmanian Holiday

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Tasman Peninsula,
Tasmania Australia


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