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Reviews ~ The Chimaera Conspiracy

Sally Murphy,
An outstanding new adventure novel.
"My back aches and my body is numb from the vibration of the shuttle's engines. I lock my right calf muscle, stretch my cramped legs and wince, flexing my foot to alleviate the pain. I'm hurting inside and out. It's not fair. I don't want to live on Aquadome."
Katya has never felt as if she belongs - not even in her own family. But at least living on the farm with her Aunt she has known some peace. Now everything is about to change - she and her siblings are joining her parents in the Aquadome, an underwater research colony. Although she loves her parents, Katya does not want to go, without really understanding why. It has something to do with the dreams she often has - dreams so real she wonders if they are memories. She also hears voices in her head, voices she doesn't understand.
At the dome, Katya comes into contact with some unusual people - first there's the head of security, Jerome, who Katya doesn't trust. Then there's Coen, the strange boy who can swim with the dolphins.
Between them, these two sweep Katya up into a startling chain of events. As Katya fights for her own life and that of her new friends, she also embarks on a journey of discovery, learning secrets about her past she could never have guessed at.
The Chimaera Conspiracy is an outstanding new young adult novel by Australian author Beverley Paine. Ms Paine hails from South Australia and has previously published books and pamphlets on home schooling. The Chimaera Conspiracy is part of the successful Storm Glider series of young adult fiction published by Greater Glider Productions.

Sally Odgers ~ author of Knightfall, Sleepless in Space, Candle Iron, Disappearing Dog, Fool's Gold
The Chimaera Conspiracy is a fast-moving thriller set in Queensland in the year 2024. Katya, the reluctant heroine, is the middle child of two scientists and is not at all happy to be relocated from a farm to an underwater colony.
The thriller begins with Katya's shuttle journey to Aquadome. During the journey, she meets a man named Jerome to whom she takes an instant dislike. Next, she encounters a teenaged boy named Coen -- who seems to be hiding from Jerome. An explosion follows, and Katya is on the run.
The action that follows is swift, tautly written, and pulls no punches. Katya discovers unbelievable facts about herself and her family, but is never given the time she needs to assimilate these. Whom can she trust? The revelations follow mercilessly, as Katya and her new friends run for their lives.
Despite the breakneck pace of this novel, there is plenty to think about. Genetic engineering, cloning, cross-species communication, ethics, nature versus nurture, and the true meaning of family all form part of the story; death, redemption and identity are also part of the blend. The background information is blended seamlessly into the narrative; there are no awkward chunks of exposition, nor is the reader kept unnecessarily in the dark.
This adventurous thriller is Beverley Paine's first published book, and a very accomplished debut it is!

Bonita Shaw, aged 12
Mystifying, terrifying adn nail-biting, this book rates a 10 out of 10. I recommend this book to anyone who loves a good mystery or adventure - it's so good, you just can't put it down. (The Chronicle, 14/5/02)
Read a review by Amy, aged 12, Perth, Western Australia

Michael Daltonalomes
The Chimaera Conspiracy is a compelling book... I highly recommend this epic thriller for children aged between 11 to 14 years. (The Townsville Bulletin, 7/5/02)

Madeleine Wattenburg, aged 11
I just wanted to say that I read your book and thought it was great. I like the way the paragraphs are broken up because when I look at a book that has paragraph after paragraph it turns me off the book. I thought your book had a perfect amount of description.

Chelsea Stirling, aged 14
"I really, really enjoyed reading your book. I didn't want to stop reading it… almost the best book I have ever read! I have two favourite books they are: 'Looking For Alibrandi' and 'Lilli And Me', your book is equal to both..."

Kirsten Lee, aged 14
"I've just finished reading your novel. I think it's fantastic. The story is so believable. I really got into the characters, everything was so descriptive. I felt like I was there. There wasn't a boring moment in it at all. When I'd finished reading it, I just kept thinking, "That was so totally amazing!" It's the best book I've read in a VERY long time. It's been extremely hard to find books that have a great story line and that interest me. I'm going to read it again 'cause it was so good!"

Mitchell Evans, aged 15
"It is a really great book... The story was very engaging, I felt like I was involved in the adventure."

Richard Spurling
"I enjoyed the action and the roller coaster ride it took me on."

Kim Taylor
"... a ripping yarn"

Lyn Reilly
"... what a great story! I tend to devour good stories and this was one."

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